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  • Who we are and what we do?
    ERIB is an innovative medical device and diagnostics Company from Bern in Switzerland, established 2010. We research, develop, produce and market simple to use sensorical controlled micro-technical medical devices for home use.​

    What is our mission?
    We at ERIB, owners of the WeLoxx brand, help individuals and institutions change behaviour and incentives to decrease personal and institutional cost of metabolic disease caused by faulty modern eating habits​

    What are our objectives?
    To achieve a high penetration of our innovative eating habits management technology in the weight loss market, to become a recognized name in nutrition, eating habits, metabolism and healthcare.

Eating habits

  • What are eating habits?
    How fast you eat, how much you eat and what you eat. We believe these three elements build up the equation of eating. We are convinced that doing good at these three elements can bring you a great deal in advance - Eat slow. Eat less. Eat healthy

    How often do I lift the fork?
    Studies show the average number of food intakes for a average meal duration of 20 minutes is 60.

    How much I put on the fork?
    Regardless of the speed you eat, it is critical to intake moderate sized bites that you can chew and can be mixed with saliva.

    What I put on the fork?
    This is of great importance to your health. The food pyramid recommends a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, fibres and vitamins.

    How are eating habits influencing my health?
    The eating equation influences how much and what you eat. Scientific studies show that how fast and how much you eat in 20 minutes has a direct impact on your metabolism. Your metabolism is integral to your health, weight and mood.

    Satiety in 20 minutes?
    Scientific evidence shows that our bodies send a signal to our brains after 20 minutes of chewing activity.

    Why is food-intake amount important?

  • Eating slow lets you take less food within those very important 20 minutes of chewing activity. The less food you take within this time, the better for your weight, metabolism, your health and you!

WeLoxx eating habits management system

  • Why manage my eating habits?
    Managing your eating habits helps you eat less within those very important first 20 minutes of chewing. By eating less your body is satisfied with less food. Consequently your metabolism works better, you lose weight, stay healthy and stay out of metabolic trouble.

    What are the consequences of bad eating habits?
    In case you have bad eating habits (i.e. eat very fast, eat without moderation), you are potentially getting into overweight, obesity, metabolic trouble with serios consequences to multiple organs of your body, caused by diseases like diabetes, heart condition, etc. These are serious disaeses that change your life fundamentally. And these diseases cost you some money as well, every month, every year of your remaining life.

    How do I change my habits?
    We generally find changing your eating habits is hard and takes your fixed committment on the goal. Setting yourself goals and comitting yourself to reach it in public, by sharing it with your peers helps a great deal too. Having an external body of observation helps you keep on track to your goals.

    What are the elements of the platform?
    We at WeLoxx, knowing that, have created the first system that helps you manage your eating habits and be your sports and sleeping companion to monitor your activity and health. The system comprises a device, incentive currency - WeLox points and the platform that make it all happen - the web and smartphone apps where you can record, track, analyse and share your progress.

    Can I combine WeLoxx eating habits management system with other diets or programs?
    While it is possible to combine WeLoxx eating habits management system with other diets or dietary programs, we encourage you to stick to a balanced diet and observe the WeLoxx device instructions. Any extremities in your diet, e.g. avoiding carbohydrates, can be dangerous or inappropriate and lead to side effects of your body. We are convinced that only with WeLoxx you can enjoy the full range of favorite foods in moderation, while losing weight, staying healthy and staying out of metabolic trouble.

WeLoxx device

  • What else can the WeLoxx device do?
    Apart from helping you manage your eating habits, the WeLoxx device, depending on the technology level you select, can serve as sports activity meter, sleeping analysis device, identificiation or location tracker. Once you sync your bracelet, your recorded activities are visible in your account in the app or web-portal.

    How many different WeLoxx form-factors are available?
    There are the WeLoxx bracelet, watch and the upcoming clip, which you can clip to your watch or shirt.

    Can I pick the color of my device?
    You can choose from multiple fancy and traditional colours, depending on the technology level and form-factor

    How can I purchase a WeLoxx device?
    The WeLoxx membership, including device and WeLoxx account to the portal is available online. We encourage you to ask your medical institution and nutritionist practice about WeLoxx. We deliver worldwide and are a prescription free system. We constantly work towards raising awareness of major insurance companies about their role and interest in helping you get a WeLoxx device and account

    Is WeLoxx available internationally?
    The device is available internationally via our online store. WeLoxx is busy building its reseller network. Later this year we will publish a list of official retail partners, so check back soon. All colors and sizes may not be available or in stock at all locations, so be sure to check at our online store.

    What sizes does it come in? How do I know what size I need?
    WeLoxx is available in Small, Medium, and Large. It's important that your band fits comfortably.  Check our products page for more information. If you're between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.​

    What is WeLoxx made of?
    WeLoxx 500 is coated with medical silicone while WeLoxx 900 inner side holds human-body compatible polymer.

    How long does the battery last?
    The rechargeable battery lasts according to your usage. We encourage you to use your WeLoxx device very often. Only then can you reap the benefits. With regular usage across various activities, the battery could last 72 hours. Under lighter usage, up to 4-5 days. Disposable batteries applied in our WeLoxx watch last around 6 months.

    How does WeLoxx know how fast I chew?
    WeLoxx uses a precision motion sensor to track your plate-to-mouth hand movement. WeLoxx times the intervals between your bites and signals you when to take the next one.

    Should I wear it on my left or on my right hand?
    WeLoxx fits both right- and left-handed people. We have programmed it to allow switching modes.

    Is it water resistant?
    Your WeLoxx is rain, splash, sweat water-resistant.

    Does WeLoxx offer warranty on ist devices?
    Our devices come with 2-year international warranty as of date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

WeLoxx platform and App

  • What else can the WeLoxx device do?
    Apart from helping you manage your eating

    How do I sync my device with the platform?
    You will need to login to the WeLoxx website, make sure your device is docked to USB port or connected wireless via Bluetooth. The website or mobile device recognizes the WeLoxx device and downloads the saved data to your account. The next thing you see is your data translated in the dashboards for your analysis. The WeLoxx webplatform and app will also credit you with WeLoxx points.

    Why do I need to analyse my diagnosed andrecorded eating habits?
    While it is no must, we encourage you to track your performance over time and use this towards your goal setting. You are also able to see how you compare to an aggregated anonymised average out of our database.

    Why share my eating habits?
    Sharing your eating habits and your progress towards your goals helps you keep yourself commited and of course set yourself as a good example to your peers and friends. While no must, we encocurage you to do that, because it is a significant part of your motivation to go on and stay healthy and stay out of metabolic trouble.

    What devices will the app work with? Doesit work on Android?
    WeLoxx app will work for all smartphone devices.

    How do I get the app?
    The App will be available for download soon at 
    How does WeLoxx track what I eat, andwhere do the nutrition guidelines come from
    WeLoxx gives you the opportunity to keep a diary of what you eat. What you eat is as important as how much or how fast you eat. Therefore we help you classify what you eat according to the USDA recommendations and daily portions. You can choose your meal type according to the USDA categories and WeLoxx will indicate you the predefined healthy interval between bites: Red (longer chew time [e.g. beef]), Yellow (average chew time) and Green (short chew time [e.g. chicken]).
    How does the app come up with the insightsit gives me?
    We at ERIB put a heavy accent on our analysis and of improving eating habits via capturing, analysing and modelling data. Furthermore, we are dedicated to giving you the benfit you deserve - the insights out of your recorded activities into simple and meaningful dashboards. All based on your personal data and diligence. The more you track, the richer the reward.
    What data is stored on the band, in theapp, or on my phone? What if I want to delete my data?
    our WeLoxx will store up to one year of data, depending on usage. You can delete any activity or sleep tracked in the band in your profile page either in the app or in the web-platofrm. Performing a hard reset of the band will also erase all data from your band. Once synced, your data is stored in the Cloud so you can access your data anywhere, though the app will cache your most recent data to improve performance.
    Is WeLoxx connected to Facebook? Can Ishare my WeLoxx data through my existing social networks?
    Your WeLoxx profile stores recorded activity data of your eating, sleeping and sports habits. In addition, WeLoxx will collect weight, height and disease recrod information. You are asked to decide how much and what elements of your profile you share. You can link your WeLoxx profile to social networks and setup a regular push-update. You can also choose on-request sharing. We at WeLoxx believe sharing your habits and your progress to improve them keeps you commited and motivted to show furhter progress and spirit as well as cheer your friends along the way to their targets.

    How does Erib protect my privacy?
    Your WeLoxx profile contains personal and confidential data visible only to you. ERIB treats this data as strictly your property. ERIB takes the responsibility to protect your data and privacy according to existing data privacy laws.

    How can I see my progress?
    All of your data is viewable through the app. Your Home screen shows daily progress; your Trends screen shows activity over days, weeks, and months; and your WeLoxx scale shows your progress since using WeLox. You can also download your data from the Account Settings section of WeLoxx.com

WeLoxx points

  • Why WeLoxx Points?
    It is our mission to prevent and save you from metabolic disease. The WeLoxx incentive system strengthens the usage, effect and perception of the WeLox device. Therefore we incentivize you to change your behaviour by asking you to meet a combination of requirements.

    How do I eam my points?
    The WeLoxx points system rewards you for meeting a combination of requirements: actual good eating habits, i.e. slow chewing, certain minimum usage frequency over long periods of time and consequent use of the platform (number of login, sync or social sharing activity)

  • What are my WeLoxx points worth?
    The WeLoxx points reward your positive eating habits, your demonstrated success at changing your behaviour. The WeLoxx Points could be traded between users for money via paypal or can be spent on WeLoxx partners goods and services. These vary according to your country, however range from health-oriented activities, sports offerings, events, food vouchers, etc.







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