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We are convinced that customers will have a long-term trusting relationship with the medical technology company Erib Corp.


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Erib Corp. is an innovative Medical product and Diagnostics Company from Canton Bern in Switzerland. We research, develop, produce and market simple to use sensorical controlled micro technical medical devices for home use.

BMI-Watch®, WeLoxx®

There is an urgent need for a learning environment in which eating habits can be trained using medical technical devices. Erib Corp., a medtech company, has developed microtechnological products, and produces and distributes them.  Erib Corp has now developed a product, that combines the function of a conventional timepiece with that of one that controls the chewing process and visually displays the BMI Index of the overweight person.  Use of this product helps an overweight person to reduce both  their excessive weight and associated health risks in a simple manner.

Application and Goals

A non-pharmacological, but effective and practical method for sustainable weight loss with individual support, because more and more people are convinced of the need for healthy eating habits, but do not go to the trouble of practicing this in their every day lives.

BMI-Watch, WeLoxx are suitable for:

- People of all ages, who are to a greater or lesser extent overweight, and who wish to lose weight for health    reasons

- People who would like to lose a few kilos for aesthetic reasons

- People who have already tried many diets and methods, but remain overweight (YoYo-effect)

- Young people who have been told to lose weight on the advice of their doctor

- People who takes medically medicaments

- Overweight people with high cholesterol levels

- Overweight people with Type 2 diabetes

- People who have gained weight as a consequence of stopping smoking

- Middle-aged women with a tendency to gain weight

- Women who want to lose their excess pregnancy weight after the birth

Our solution

A longer chewing process intensifies the saliva flow in the mouth and stimulates chemoreceptor pathways resulting in an earlier feeling of satiety.  The result is that less food is consumed.  The lengthened chewing process also better physically digests food. This allows the naturally present digestive enzymes Pepsin and Trypsin to optimally break down protein and fat, and the subsequent chemical processes of  the digestive system which transport nutrients into the blood to be more efficient.


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