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Erwin Richard, Chairman & Founder of Erib Ltd. Switzerland

Erwin Richard, Chairman and Founder, CEO. Entrepreneur with qualification in accounting, physics, MBA and field experience as well as various tasks as project manager. IP specialist, inventor and experiences in HealthCare and Pharma sector over 35 years. Theoretical and practical experiences in nanomolecular and nanomicrobiology since 1995. Bio-Nanotechnology since 2008.



Richard, Sethi, externals






CMO, Marketing, Sales



DnBiomed SpA, Malaga, Spain


Production: Watches / Bracelet / Clip

DnBiomed SpA, Malaga, Spain


Logistik: Watches / Bracelet / Clip

DnBiomed SpA, Malaga, Spain


R & D: Biomed- and BioNanotechnolgy

DnBiomed SpA, Malaga, Spain



Board of Directors/Advisors:

The Board develops Erib's strategy by combining customer, business, technology and science perspectives


Richard Erwin, President of the Board

CEO of Erib Corp. Switzerland



Vice President of the Board

VP negotiated


Anil Sethi

CEO Swiss Extension



EM negotiated


Int. Finance

Credit Suisse, HSBC-Capital







Medically responsible people Members:    Prof, PHD, PD, Dr. 

more members are in (Uni-Hospiital Zurich, Inselspital Bern, Clinic Lindberg, Winterthur, BFH-Uni-Bern, Management, Uni-Bern, Cellbiology, Uni-Bern, IBC; UK-Hospitals; others (US / EU)....)







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